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          Top stories

          4 Genius Uses for The Container Store’s Best-Selling Elfa Product

          And—good news!—it’s on sale.

          This Is What a 100 Percent Sustainable, Cruelty-Free Home Looks Like

          No animal products were used in the making of this house.

          Bedtime Rituals Are a Must for Oliver Jeffers and His Globe-Trotting Family

          They’re spending a year traveling around the world.

          Sponsored By Crate & Kids

          How to Care for a Monstera—Even If You’re Not a Plant Pro

          We answer all the questions, from watering to root rot.

          The Latest

          Yes, You Can Wallpaper Your Rental

          These 20 peel-and-stick options ensure you’ll get your deposit back.

          Courtney Adamo Made a Backyard Shed the Hardest-Working Space in Her Home

          Two hundred square feet has never felt so roomy.

          IKEA’s New Collection Will Actually Make You Want to Clean

          And everything is under $40.

          This Countertop Was Just Dubbed the Worst Kitchen Trend of the Past 50 Years

          But wait, we have a counterargument.

          This New Mom’s IKEA Shelf Hack Is as Simple as They Come

          Without sacrificing personality.

          The Organization Brand Our Social Media Editor Turns to Again and Again

          She has at least one product in every room.

          These $6 CB2 Wineglasses Are as Good as Their $60 Counterparts

          A near-identical look for a 10th of the price.

          For a Guaranteed Good First Impression, Wallpaper Your Entryway

          Whether you go for flowers or busts.

          This $25 Target Find Is All You Need to Kick-Start the Perfect Vignette

          Courtesy of the brand’s spring collection.

          Real-Estate Agents Think These Are the 3 Most Enticing Home Features

          1.2 million listings can’t be wrong.

          The Backsplash DIY That’s the Answer to Our Rental-Kitchen Prayers

          Not your average peel-and-stick.

          I Totally Transformed My NYC Rental Kitchen for $7,500

          In two weeks flat.

          We’re Demystifying How to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

          Yes, you can cover laminate.

          How We Would Style Anthropologie’s Best-Selling Chair

          One seat, three ways.

          Why Does Every New Doctor’s Office Look Like This Now?

          Feel-good design has gone mainstream.

          Choosing Green Kitchen Cabinets Is the Bold Decision to Make This Decade

          It’s a walk in the park (or at least it looks that way).

          These Golden Flakes Are Like Salt, But Better

          Yep, you can put “nooch” on pretty much everything.

          I Spent 5 Years Painstakingly Restoring My 1850s Victorian

          Patience and perseverance very much required.

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